Real Estate Lending Platform OwnEZ Partners with OTH Private Funds Manager

United States, Texas, San Antonio – 01-27-2020 ( — Empowering renters to turn into home buyers, OwnEZ signs partnership with OTH, a New York, NY-based leading private funds manager, to provide financial resources for individuals seeking homeownership.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN. — Believing that everyone deserves a chance at homeownership, OwnEZ is a unique technology-driven platform that matches individuals who are currently renting homes with real estate investors that can help them become homeowners. The signed partnership with OTH will further expand OwnEZ’s ability to provide individuals, who are often denied by the traditional mortgage industry, access to financial resources to help turn communities of renters into buyers.

“As a landlord myself, in speaking to my tenants and trying to understand why after so many years they were still renting, I heard the same horror stories of bureaucracy at banks after trying to get a mortgage and going through endless hoops only to get rejected,” said Efri Argaman, Founder and CEO of OwnEZ. “I decided there had to be a better way. OwnEZ gives back to the community and cuts the red tape using technology and algorithms to assess the individuals’ ability to own a home differently than the way the industry has been doing it for ages.”

The partnership between OwnEZ and OTH will provide even more potential homebuyers the necessary financing to purchase a home that they would otherwise not have access to. The financing from OTH will not only broaden the ability to transform renters to owners but will also enhance collaboration with real estate agents who are looking to broaden their customer base to a new target audience, leveraging technology and education to win more deals.

Realtors’ main concern, before wasting their time with a potential client, is verifying that they have the financial ability to buy a home. In the past, many clients were cast aside by real estate agents until their financial situation improved. However, the partnership between OwnEZ and OTH will decrease the rejection rate and provide realtors a capability to assist a broader base of clients.

“We immediately saw a huge opportunity to provide resources to a broad segment of the population that is simply shut out of the traditional bank mortgage industry. We decided to partner with the OwnEZ team to provide the financing needed to broaden the geographic footprint of this successful program,” said Dr. Ossif Tamir, CEO and President of OTH.

Currently focusing efforts in Indiana and Texas, the partnership with OTH will enable OwnEZ to roll out an enhanced state-by-state expansion plan in metro areas for more prospective homebuyers to take advantage of the financing opportunities the platform provides. 

For more information about OwnEZ’s technology and investment platform, visit and or call (888)-55-OwnEZ (888-556-9639) Ext 701.

For more information about OTH call (917) 658-1181.

About OwnEZ: OwnEZ is a peer to peer lending platform that matches prospective home buyers with real estate investors and agents. Focused on providing the home buying dream to those who are pushed away from the traditional mortgage industry, OwnEZ through its BuyHouseEZ program, offers quick proof of financing for renters and provides investors the ability to generate income. Based in Indiana and Texas, OwnEZ is growing state by state to give everyone a chance to purchase and invest in the housing market.

About OTH: With a proven track record of over $100M, OTH is an investment fund focusing on direct investments in both High Tech and Real Estate. OTH is providing family offices and high net worth individuals access to income-producing investment opportunities with geographic and currency diversification. Low-risk profile, combined with a value-add approach, provides OTH investors attractive annual yield and long-term, stable cash flow.

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