Should You Invest In Sovereign Gold Bond?

India, Uttar Pradesh, Noida – 01-24-2020 ( — As the government changed in 2014 after that there were many announcements that the new government in India is doing. In this series now the honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had made people shocked but they are happy as he had given some schemes related to the precious yellow metal and they are Gold monetization scheme, gold sovereign bond, and the, coin and bullion of yellow metal scheme so now you can own this costlier metal as a type of paper or national coinage on the occasion of festival.

In this plan the government is offering to make a bond on the paper that will be for eight years in which you will be giving your precious metal to the government for those years and for each of these years you will gain an interest of 2.75% on the cost that you have paid at the time of purchasing and you can also make the bonds on the ornaments or coinage you have purchased from banks, or post offices and also at these offices you can fill the form for the application to be in the scheme.This is a better plan to make a profit but still, it is different for them who want cash for gold instantly. So who is in some kind of emergency will not choose this plan and it will not be helpful if the investor is in the necessity of cash between those years.These plans are for the people who have to buy these precious metal in high amount and it will be helpful to them who can keep their assets for so long years and earn the interest but for those who are mostly from middle class and lower class family cannot afford this much quantity in other words they cannot be able to keep it for so long years because in their emergencies these people try to sell gold at high cost and this will not be easy after applying that scheme. Even you can’t say the money in the interest will be helpful because it is not so big amount that can solve their financial needs so at last people have to find the best old gold buyer to sell jewelry at a high cost. Schemes of this type cannot help the person a lot as they don’t have a big quantity and whatever they have they want to save it for future and for the emergencies because the people are aware that there can be any situation in which they have to move to best gold dealer to receive instant cash against gold as soon as possible. The scheme offered by the government is attractive profitable and safe but still most of the people will not choose because of their personal reasons and one of the black sides of our countrymen is, we want to save taxes for this we also adopt some illegal ways and for maintaining it we didn’t show our real profit to anyone as well as we try to save our taxes and in this scheme you will be tax payable so people find it difficult to take it and wait for eight years.

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