Jones & Company helps bakers, chefs, and makers support overlooked small-plot vanilla farmers and curers around the world

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Jones & Company Flavorings Debuts Handcrafted Vanilla Collection

Providing a market for overlooked subsistence vanilla farmers around the globe


(AUBURN, Calif. – January 29, 2020) – Jones & Company Flavorings—with a mission to enhance the lives and livelihoods of small-plot vanilla growers and curers—is celebrating the launch of its handcrafted vanilla collection, a global emporium of small-batch, single-origin extracts, beans, sugars, purées, and other vanilla ingredients. 

Jones & Company’s business approach is truly unique in the vanilla industry. “We are the only vanilla retailer partnering 1:1 with farmers who grow very few but very high-quality beans” notes company founder and industry veteran, Ted Jones. “For years, these small-volume, more geographically-isolated farmers have been overlooked by the big vanilla brokers and importers and their livelihoods and communities have suffered. Now, we are giving them a consistent market and fair price for their harvests and helping them thrive.”

Although Jones & Company features vanillas from the main growing regions of the world such as Madagascar, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea; the company is focusing more and more on sourcing from subsistence farming families in remote, lesser-known areas of Fiji, India, Tahiti, Tanzania, Uganda, Vanuatu, Mexico, and Central America. It’s this wide web of farmers and curers that also singles out Jones & Company. No other producer offers premium vanilla ingredients from as many small-plot growers in as many locations around the world. 

With a purpose beyond profit, Jones & Company reseeds 10% of their net proceeds back into farming communities—by providing ongoing financial, logistical, and training support—resulting in more robust and reliable harvests.

“Holding a vanilla bean still feels like a miracle to me,” marvels Ted. “The journey takes almost a year and requires constant tending, an exacting ecosystem, precise hand-pollination (within a startlingly brief 12-hour window once a year), and experienced curing. In my travels, I have met many incredible local farmers, their families, and communities. Their dedication and know-how fill every one of our bottles.”

Says Suzi Marty, sales representative for Sacramento Valley’s top produce distribution company, “We are all about supporting small, local farmers, so we are really excited to see Jones & Company Flavorings doing something similar on a global scale. Their small-batch, straight from the source ethos is as good as it gets for the consumer, for growers, and for farming communities.”

About Jones & Company Flavorings

Jones & Company Flavorings crafts premium vanilla ingredients sourced from small-plot growers and curers. Helmed by an entrepreneur, restauranteur, and vanilla-industry veteran, Jones & Company Flavorings supports more individual vanilla farmers in more diverse locations than any other vanilla supplier in the world. For more information, see vanillasoftheworld dot com.  

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