The team of PE “Financial and legal consulting” receives an honorary title!

– 01-22-2020 ( — On December 5, 2019, the company became the owner of the honorary “trophy”. It was awarded the title of “Leader of the Year” in the National Business Rating of Ukraine. The national business rating demonstrates an objective assessment of the level of success and stability of Ukrainian enterprises. This is an objective internal resource for making investment and management decisions. The national Business Rating also initiates award programs and organizes large-scale events for entrepreneurs, which can be attended by entrepreneurs from all over Ukraine. This time the competitive race was won by the team of PE “Financial and legal consulting”, which has made its team unconditionally proud.


The national Business Rating of Ukraine has witnessed more than 15 years of transparent and objective assessment of companies’ positions on the market, more than 45 award ceremonies and business events for leaders and more than 7,000 successful entrepreneurs. The success of an entrepreneur is determined only by the most objective numbers, i.e. the sales figures of a particular entrepreneur. The rating programs of the NBR are aimed at identifying the leading enterprises of various spheres of the Ukrainian economy that have achieved significant financial success and gained the trust of partners and consumers. The honorary title “industry Leader” is awarded to those companies that entered the top of the industry rating based on the analysis of financial and economic indicators.


The company “Financial and legal consulting” received the title of leader in its category “Consulting”, the trophy was awarded personally to the Director of the company.


“It is very pleasant to receive such an award for the third year in a row and to confirm the quality of services provided. We are trying our best to raise the level of our company every year, because such awards oblige us to maintain the image of the best enterprise in their field!”- said the head of the PE “Financial and legal consulting”. PE “Financial and legal consulting” is a team of experts that provides clients with a huge selection of land management, valuation, consulting and other services in the field of land and real estate registration, including: land management services, geodetic services, registration of cadastral number, division or Association of land plots, extension or re-registration of land lease agreements, expert assessment of land and real estate, support for the purchase of land plots from municipal or state property, registration/legalization of unauthorized constructions, privatization of housing, consulting services relating to the design and much more.


More information about the company and our services can be found at the following links:

1. Kadastroviy nomer – Cadastral number service

2. Privatizaziya zemli – Land privatization service

3. Uzakonenie samostroya – Legalization service


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