Hammervold Law Sues Diamonds International, Royal Media Partners, and Royal Caribbean for Fraud

United States, Illinois, Chicago – 02-18-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — On behalf of Julia Genevy, Hammervold Law has filed a lawsuit against Diamonds International, LLC, Royal Media Partners, LLC and Royal Caribbean Cruises, LTD in federal court before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The docket number is 1:20-CV-20531.  

Diamonds International is one of the largest jewelry retailers in the world, but virtually all of its 140+ locations are cruise ships destinations. The lawsuit claims that Diamonds International “sells massively overpriced jewelry to port-city tourists in one-off transactions, by employing a series of unfair, deceptive, and unethical business practices, including misleading customers and outright fraud.” The lawsuit alleges that “Diamonds International operates almost exclusively out of port cities because its business model is reliant upon a steady stream of one-off transactions with unsuspecting cruise ship passengers who (1) are on vacation; (2) are not familiar with Diamond International’s reputation for misleading and cheating customers; and (3) have been primed to buy from Diamonds International by the cruise line and/or its associates.”

The lawsuit claims that Royal Caribbean and Royal Media assisted, aided and abetted Diamonds International in perpetrating fraud against the Plaintiff and others. Royal Media is a sales company that contracts with Royal Caribbean for the opportunity to have its “shopping guides” be onboard Royal Caribbean ships and have access to Royal Caribbean’s passengers, in order to channel passengers to buy merchandise from Diamonds International when the ship arrives to a port city. The lawsuit alleges that “Royal Caribbean and Royal Media have known for years that Diamonds International has been ripping off Royal Caribbean passengers and that many passengers complain that they feel cheated and scammed upon returning home and learning the true quality and value of the jewelry they bought from Diamonds International, [but] nonetheless, Royal Caribbean and Royal Media have continued to channel cruise passengers to Diamonds International stores by making claims that they knew were misleading and false, including that Royal Media Shopping Guides are ‘expert’ jewelry buyers, that Royal Caribbean has vetted Diamonds International, and that Diamonds International sells jewelry for prices that are significantly lower than in the United States.” 

During a cruise with Royal Caribbean in February 2019, Ms. Genevy paid over $250,000 for jewelry from Diamonds International. Although the defendants “guaranteed” the jewelry would be worth at least the price she paid, she alleges that the jewelry was of inferior quality than she was lead to believe and was worth less than half of what she paid. Ms. Genevy is seeking rescission of her jewelry purchases, compensatory damages, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees.  

After Diamonds International refused to refund her purchases, Ms. Genevy retained attorney Mark Hammervold of Hammervold Law to pursue legal action against Diamonds International, Royal Media, and Royal Caribbean. Mark Hammervold is a consumer lawyer specializing in unfair and deceptive practices and fraud in the sale of diamonds and jewelry. 


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