Texas based asic mining company selling off most their stock

– 02-29-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Texas based “Asic Value Miner” is now selling off huge amounts of miners in regard to the bitcoin halving, happening later this summer. Asics are specially designed hardware chips produced for doing one thing and one thing only, mining.


Asics are alot easier to mine with than GPUs, CPUs, or even FPGAs. Making them a great investment for beginners or people without alot of computer technical know-how. Just simply plug in the power and ethernet, change the pool and wallet info and you’re starting to earn passive income!


They are only a few miles away from Bitmain’s new Texas mining/manufacturing facility located in Rockdale, TX. They will also host any miners purchased for a small fee and boasts a $0.03 kw/h electricity cost.


The reason they are selling off a large portion of their miners is to make room for faster, more efficient miners being released by Bitmain (S19 and S19 Pro). They are currently the biggest asic miner distributor in the US. This is good news for American mining farms and small home miners as well, as buyers will get miners at a huge discount for not having to pay the 25% tariff on all Chinese electronics.


Big mining farms like these are taking a huge gamble on the Bitcoin price atleast doubling when the halving occurs in May. There’s a countdown located at https://www.bitcoinblockhalf.com.


Some people think that its too late in the cryptocurrency game to start investing. If the price trend keeps going up and up like it has since 2010, then that is certainly not the case. It’s still early in terms of longivity with technology like this.


So stop thinking and wishing about passive income and visit www.asicvalueminer.com today to start your path to financial freedom and passive income every day! Cryptocurrency is definately here to stay!

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