United States, District of Columbia, Washington – 03-01-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — As the outbreak spreads, inbound sales inquiries for live broadcasts are up by nearly 100% Dateline: WASHINGTON, DC, 3/1/20 — Due to the global outbreak of Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, conferences, meetings, and other events across the world are being cancelled or curtailed at an increasing rate in an effort to limit exposure to the illness. As a result, from limited enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and government agencies are scrambling to integrate effective alternatives to large gatherings of people scheduled for this year, which includes live internet broadcasting in increasing numbers. 

Tim Treanor, CEO of OVS Media, the Washington-based leader in the field of the live internet broadcasting of public meetings, conferences, and other events, has noted that inbound sales calls in February were nearly twice what they were a year ago, with most of these being requests for information on last-minute changes in programming due to travel cutbacks. “There are those who have always maintained that integrating live internet broadcasting, or ‘stakeholder broadcasting’ as we call it, with public meetings or conferences is essential to effectively expand the reach to their stakeholders,” said Treanor. “In light of the heightened global health concerns and restrictions, we find that those who already embrace live internet broadcasting as part of their outreach are better able to handle fast changing situations like the one we’re experiencing now with Covid-19.” As user adoption of streaming media is at near universal levels, more government agencies, non-profits, and private corporations are turning to the Internet as a way to broadcast their conferences and meetings for stakeholders whom would otherwise be unable to attend in person, or would only be able to do so at significant cost. “Stakeholder Broadcasting” On The Rise OVS Media is a pioneer in the field of live internet broadcasting and has been a part how global institutions have integrated live internet broadcasting as an important communications platform to react to unexpected events. In the past, OVS Media has successfully partnered with the Center for Disease Control during the Ebola virus contagion in 2014, and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission following the financial crisis of 2008, as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. The key to these successes, says Treanor, is that the customers were ready for contingencies before they happened. “While we’re happy to help any event organizers who call in today to set up their meeting for a live broadcast in the near future, we also encourage these professionals to utilize Internet broadcasting as a mission critical component for their ongoing stakeholder engagement,” continued Treanor. “This allows their meetings to be planned, staffed, and ready to go live in a moment’s notice, so that if something does happen, they don’t find themselves trying to play catch up behind something unexpected.” About OVS Media Founded in 1999, OVS Media was the first company to specialize in the live broadcasting of government and non-profit content over the Internet. OVS Media has established itself as the pioneer and industry leader in stakeholder broadcasting services, enabling the seamless delivery of video content on any Internet-enabled device, from meetings, events, and conferences for distribution to targeted key internal and external stakeholder audiences. OVS Media’s clients include some of the largest government agencies, non-profit organizations, and Fortune 500 companies in the country, including the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Marriott Corporation, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Department of Transportation, NASA and many other leading institutions on the global stage. For more information and a full list of OVS Media capabilities, please visit www.ovsmedia.com.

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