With two books already out and one yet to come, Cordy Fitzgerald is changing the mystery novel game

United States, Colorado – 03-03-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Taking her late grandmother’s name, Cordy Fitzgerald is an author deeply entrenched in conspiracy theories, espionage, and spies. Her personal interests and experiences as a teacher shape the world of Dr. Inez Buchanan.

Her two books follow the fictional story of African American retired schoolteacher, Dr. Buchanan, and her evolving journey from typical retiree to amateur detective to spy. In Fitzgerald’s first book, Neighbor Resurrected, Dr Buchanan’s story follows the loss of her beloved neighbor. His death is presumed a heart attack, but his daughters come to Dr. Buchanan six months later suspecting it was murder. She doesn’t believe his daughters at first, but after the killing of two officers, while one of the daughters goes missing, Dr. Inez Buchanan finds she has a mystery that reaches all the way to China’s Yunnan Province.In her second book, Shopping Cart Annie, Dr. Buchanan’s retirement is thrown for a loop when a woman reaches out to her for help in bringing her granddaughter back home from Afghanistan, when she was thought to be dead. When the woman needing help dies in a mysterious accident, she leaves behind an even larger mystery for Buchanan to solve that reaches into regions of the Hindu Kush. Fitzgerald’s current book series started with a question she always asked herself: What would happen if more African Americans were traditionally trained and hired as spies by CIA? By putting her spin on the subject, her books have earned praise from readers and critics alike, claiming they couldn’t put her books down while sitting on the edge of their seats inside a distant land.Fitzgerald has upcoming events including a panel in April and book club engagements that focus on her novel, Neighbor Resurrected, in June and July. Fitzgerald is passionate about the need for diversity in the collection of human intelligence and sees our country’s divergence as a global strength.To find out when the next installment in Dr. Inez Buchanan’s story is coming out, follow her on Facebook, and check out her website at https://cordyfitzgerald.com/. Until then, you can purchase her novels at Amazon and Barnes and Noble today!    

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