Seats and Chairs Chosen for Exclusive Guests at Ralph Lauren’s 80th Birthday

ALTO, MICHIGAN – 03-06-2020 ( — Alto, MI: 

Chosen by Ralph Lauren to sit guests at his A-list 80th birthday party, Seats and Chairs has become a leading provider of pristine, high-quality chairs. The fashion mogul rented 41 new theater seats in celebration of becoming an octogenarian, serving as a testament to the company’s unbeatable quality and commitment to customer service.The company’s focus is always on the customer. According to Seats and Chairs’ owner, Sean French, “We are all about helping the customer,” as he emphasizes that they work with everyone from homeowners to movie theaters and even the occasional fashion icon. Seats and Chairs specialize in the rental and sale of new and used theater chairs.Their inventory includes luxurious modern theater chairs, including commercial-grade power reclining chairs for ultimate comfort within a home or local movie theater. Seats and Chairs is an industry leader in theater chair rental and purchases. Solving a pain point for smaller, independently- owned theaters, Seats and Chairs provides updated seating at a fraction of the cost.Seats and Chairs is also an excellent resource for performing arts theaters and non-profit organizations seeking a budget-friendly solution to updated theater chairs. In many vintage auditoriums and theater spaces, old antique chairs are difficult to maintain and fix as antique parts are no longer available. With Seats and Chairs as a seating partner, theaters are quickly updated with modern seating.Prospective customers should know that theater chairs procured and rented or sold by Seats and Chairs are not residential recliners reupholstered to resemble movie theater chairs. In fact, Seats and Chairs, distinguishes itself from other brands as their chairs are authentic, commercial-grade movie theater chairs.Based in Michigan, Seats and Chairs services brands and individuals throughout the United States with an extensive product line and an impressive dedication to customer service.For more information, visit

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