On-Hold Marketing Inc. Pushes the Boundaries of Audio Marketing in 2020.

Canada, Ontario, Markham – 03-11-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — With more than 30 years of experience in audio marketing, On-Hold Marketing Inc. is committed to offering its clients with updated services that align with consumer behavior. 

“Almost 35 years ago, On-Hold Marketing was founded to provide a solution for hold line frustration with an affordable product backed by exceptional customer service. Today, although we’ve evolved with the ever-changing audio marketing industry, dedication to our clients is still our top priority.” – Bill Coville, President On-Hold Marketing believes that having a clear audio marketing campaign is important to stay competitive in today’s market. The company allows clients to create messaging that speaks directly to their customer needs. Choosing the right department, alerting customers of the information they need to have ready on the call, or communicating clear directions and opening hours are all services that are possible to customize. Promotion, Branding, and Targeting are the central components of audio marketing. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and hosted phone platforms have allowed companies to optimize the interaction they have with consumers who call their business phone number. According to On-Hold Marketing, a business phone is like a virtual front door, and therefore a vital part of shaping a client’s first impression. As marketing continues to evolve, companies want to try and improve the overall user experience. When customers or clients wait on the phone, there is an opportunity to promote products, share brand values, and highlight available services. On-Hold Marketing believes that things such as having a recorded menu that is easy to navigate and hold music that fits your brand can help to boost your brand image, which can encourage those who interact with your business to leave a positive review. Since 1987 On-Hold Marketing has provided audio services for both small businesses and large companies. All projects are handled from the initial script phase to the finished product. The goal is to enhance brand image, reduce customer hang-ups, and increase sales. Professional recording and licensed music for on-hold programs, VoIP messages, and voicemail greetings are all solutions provided by the company.

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