Phoenix-based SCRATCH Software Launches New Platform to Protect Merchant Profits

United States, Arizona, Phoenix – 03-11-2020 ( — Veteran technology entrepreneur Lorde Astor West is rolling out a first-of-its-kind cloud native technology designed to protect against excessive credit-card processing fees, fraud and friction that merchants must deal with due to digital commerce.


“Current technologies are being pushed to their limits by the rapid rise in on-demand services. Merchants can no longer bear the cost or justify increasing prices to cover rising fees, increased fraud and purchase abandonment due to an aging payments system,” says West. “That’s why we invented SCRATCH. By consolidating payments and transaction data into one easy-to-use solution we will once and for all be able to solve the issue of lost revenue that merchants lose in digital commerce.”


Over the next 12 months SCRATCH will provide merchants with a suite of pay-as-you-go apps that are designed to work with the merchant’s current technology. The first app to hit the market is RECOUP, a surcharging-as-a-service technology that will dramatically increase net profits by enabling merchants to pass on excessive credit-card processing fees on eligible transactions. Merchants will be able to track every transaction that is surcharged through a user-friendly, personalized dashboard and will have access to the full suite of SCRATCH apps as they launch on a pay-as-you-go, use-what-you-need basis.


“We’ve lined up a significant number of businesses who would like to use our services, from healthcare to hospitality and everything in between,” says West. “Merchants are ready for some relief from rising costs that seem to be around every turn. The possibility of being able to recoup even a small amount of revenue is much-needed lifeline for most business owners.”


The development of a surcharging solution is no small feat of engineering. Surcharging is a complex and highly regulated pricing strategy that is made nearly impossible without the help of complex algorithms and automation.


“Millions in investments have been lost by those attempting to bring a scalable surcharging technology to market,” says West. “We succeeded where others have failed because of our deep understanding of complex business requirements acquired from nearly two decades of custom software development. We saw the opportunity to solve a problem, and we seized it.”


About Lorde Astor West

Astor is a pioneer of the modern web. With nearly two decades of custom software development, data and digital media experience, Astor and her team of engineers are leading the charge in developing the next generation of leading-edge cloud solutions that will bring about a new category in payments technology.


About SCRATCH Software
Phoenix-based SCRATCH Software was founded December 2018 by Lorde Astor West. SCRATCH is cloud native technology developed to protect revenue typically lost to the fees, friction and fraud related to the acceptance of digital payments such as credit cards. SCRATCH provides a comprehensive all-in-one solution that makes it possible for businesses and merchant service providers to gain revenue-protecting financial services through a single API (application program interface). For more information, visit


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