United States, Georgia, Atlanta – 03-25-2020 ( — expands and extends pre-registration for global Digital Sanity Summit beginning March 30 – April 3, 2020 announced today that it is expanding pre-registration to the world’s first virtual Digital Sanity Summit which includes free access to all of its programming. With parents and more than 300 million children in the U.S. suddenly all working and attending school from home, the challenges of how to parent in a connected world are more urgent than ever.  The free, virtual summit will feature in-depth interviews with global experts on issues of parent controls, cyber-safety, using technology to cultivate social relationships, life in the pandemic era, and more. The event is set for March 30 – April 3, 2020.

“Parents across the world are facing this challenge:  how do we work—and parent— with technology in this extraordinary moment. We sought out experts from all over the world to speak to the issues and solutions we need right now,” explains ImpactPARENT’s co-founder and world-renowned parenting coach Elaine Taylor-Klaus.  “While children and teens benefit from developing healthy technology habits, the Coronavirus Pandemic brings unexpected challenges.  In this moment, technology is a lifeline, an education tool, and a vital social connection.   How do you encourage healthy technology habits while managing weeks of enforced family time and social isolation from friends?   How do you keep the whole family entertained without turning into techno-zombies in the weeks to come? The Digital Sanity Summit will provide the support and resources that parents and professionals need – exactly when they need it most.”

According to UNESCO, the Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted an astounding 1,254,315,203 children, youth and adult learners in 124 countries. What’s more, the global scale implementation of eLearning and the enforcement of social distancing is set to drive media consumption habits up across all platforms by 60%. Strategies to positively influence the intellectual, cultural and social impact must be developed now.

The Summit will feature insightful interviews with leading experts from around the globe, including: 

  •  Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster, co-founders, ImpactADHD, (Session: The Coach Approach to Parenting in a Digital Age)
  •  Leena Elias, Family Safety Advocate, VP, Cybersecurity and Privacy, Avast (Session: Keeping Your Family Safe Online)
  •  Jonny Pelter, Founder, Simple Cyber Life, (Session: 7 key Actions for Parents to Keep Kids Safe Online) (UK)
  •  Jocelyn Brewer, Psychologist, (Session: Digital Nutrition and Maximizing the Benefits of Digital Connection) (Australia)
  •  Parry Aftab, International Advisor on Cybersecurity and Privacy, (Session: The Inside Scoop About Cybersafety) (US & Canada)
  •  Dr. Randy Kulman, PhD, Founder and President of LearningWorks for Kids, (Session: The Role of Play, Video Games and Learning) (US)
  •  Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, PhD, J.D., Law Professor and Digital Parenting Consultant, (Session: Trends, Strategies and Conversation Starters) (France)
  •  Janell Burley Hoffman, International Speaker and Consultant, (Session: Raising Tech-healthy Families) (US)
  •  Brett Bartel, Chief Science Officer, Fenix Health Science, (Session: The Relationship Between Nutrition and Technology – Accentrate) (US)
  •  Tito De Moroais, Consultant and Founder of, (Session: Maslow’s hammer and internet safety) (Portugal)
  •  Cynthia Crossley, Co-Founder, Habyts, (Session: Tech Time Wars and Tech Hungry Kids) (UK)
  •  Ned Hallowell, MD, Psyhiatrist, Author and  Founder, The Hallowell Centers, (Session: Stress, Screens and Thriving, Not Just Surviving) (US)
  •  Dr. Sharon Saline, Psy.D , Psychologist and Author, (Session, Balancing Screen Time for Kids with Anxiety, ADHD and More) (US)
  •  Blake & Dave, Co-founders, My Online Life, (Session: Empowering Kids to Be Safe, Smart and Kind Online) (Canada)
  •  Denise DeRosa, Founder, Cyber Sensible, (Session: Digital Balance in a Tech-Heavy World) (US)
  •  Lisa Guernsey, Director, Teaching, Learning and Tech, New America, (Session: Beyond Time Limits – Screen Media and Learning) (US)
  •  Catherine Steiner-Adair, Clinical Psychologist, School Consultant and Author, (Session: Taming the Tech Effect at Home) (US)
  •  Joanne Orlando, Family Digital Literacy Specialist,  (Session: Stop Family Tech Arguments and Stress) (Australia)
  •  Devorah Heitner, PhD, Founder, Raising Digital Natives, Author of Screenwise (Session:What Does Screentime Mean Anymore?)


The Digital Sanity Summit is proudly sponsored by Accentrate™, Avast, ImpactADHD®, Hallowell Centers, Habyts®, and Kidskintha. To learn more about the summit, please visit:


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ImpactParents is a sister company to, the parent-created resource for families looking for effective solutions for raising children and teens with complex issues like ADHD. Co-founders and internationally renowned parenting experts, Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster, are hosting the Digital Sanity Summit to respond to concerns parents of all kids face when navigating conversations around technology with their children and teens. To learn more about ImpactParents, please visit

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Accentrate™, is a nutritional supplement that is specifically formulated to address the nutritional deficiencies known to be associated with ADHD. These supplements may be used as alternatives to medications or in conjunction with medication, which may help keep the medicinal dosage low and more effective. To learn more about Accentrate, please visit

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Avast (LSE: AVST) is the global leader in digital security products. With over 400 million users online, Avast offers products under the Avast and AVG brands that protect people from threats on the internet and the evolving IoT threat landscape. The company’s threat detection network is among the most advanced in the world, using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to detect and stop threats in real time. Avast digital security products for Mobile, PC or Mac are top-ranked and certified by VB100, AV-Comparatives, AV-Test, SE Labs and others. Visit:

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Founded by Ned Hallowell, M.D., The Hallowell Centers in Boston MetroWest, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle are one of the top facilities in the country for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and associated conditions. For more information, please visit

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Habyts®, the family habit-building app that helps parents of ADHD kids as they struggle to manage screen time, eliminate homework distractions, and motivate their kids. Based on guidance from some of the world’s

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