MATT is the HOTTEST and NEWEST APP On The Block in the Live Streaming Game and Has Several Groundbreaking Features to Separate It From the Pack

United States, California, Los Angeles – 04-09-2020 ( — MATT offers the first ever interactive LIVE virtual concerts with your favorite celebrities; there are popular masks which allow you to make your own videos, as well as create your own face masks and share with friends seamlessly across other popular platforms such as Instagram, SnapChat, and TikTok; also MATT offers the ability to take part in challenges. LIVE shows offer a new interactive way for people, who can meet new friends during the LIVE.


LOS ANGELES, CA APRIL 9, 2020— MATT ( has over 200k Organic users based on the current offerings which includes Virtual Shows and Face Filters and Masks. The app is free to download on the App store. “Throughout these difficult times and self-isolation we understood that we need to provide entertainment to people, as well as help artists who have had their tours and concerts canceled. Now is a great opportunity to make these virtual concerts for the entire world, and to bring people as close as possible to the real experience of being at a concert”, says Kirill Avery, the CEO and Co-Founder. 

Kirill and Seva Zhidkov (CTO & Co-Founder) are also credited with building a video streaming viral Russian app called Clever with over 15MM+ downloads back in 2018. 

George Anisimow is one of the co-founders with a background in Entertainment as an actor with over 10 Feature credits in TV and Film and helped a startup company to be acquired by Snapchat for 166MM. “Having been in the entertainment industry I met many artists and creators, who personally told me that this is something that they would do for their fans and can picture the world moving in this direction, the direction of live virtual concerts.” – says George. “We are also advised by an Award Winning Platinum Celebrity music producer.”

MATT’s long-term mission is to reduce the number of people with a body dysmorphic disorder on the internet including 3rd Generation Z kids who are experiencing cyberbullying (250MM) and make the live streaming experience different for everyone, their new update that will change LIVE industry will come soon after the first concerts in the app. 

Book tickets now. Vote for the next artist’s song and communicate with your friends. Download The MATT app Today: 



MATT is a corporation with over 200,000 users specializing in Live Interactive Virtual Events and Virtual Masks that can be shared across platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. @mattapphq 

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