Selz releases livestreaming feature for stay-at-home instructors

United States, Oregon – 04-28-2020 ( — The ecommerce platform Selz has released a livestreaming feature that helps stay-at-home instructors, coaches and tutors to sell their services online.

The new feature enables self-isolating instructors and coaches to sell live sessions over video platforms like Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts. The service handles all payments, receipts and links for calls. It also allows instructors to sell sessions over social networks like Facebook and Instagram as well as via the web.
“In just the last three weeks we’ve seen a 100% increase in the number of educators and instructors looking to take their services online,” says Selz CEO, Martin Rushe. “We have released this feature specifically to help coaching, health and educational professionals. This first release is a beta and we have a ton of feature additions in the pipeline that have come from feedback. We’re being led by our community.”The service is already being used to sell yoga classes, workouts, music lessons, coaching and private tuition. Selz is a privately held technology company with offices in Bristol UK, Sydney, Portland and Manila. The powerful SaaS platform enables individuals and businesses to create online ecommerce stores, sell across social networks, automate fulfillment and optimize marketing.

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