Global Luxury Real Estate Firm AFIELD Adds Finance Expert to Its Leadership Team

United States, New York, New York – 05-08-2020 ( — Afield connects elite overseas buyers with U.S. luxury properties

Afield, a global real estate firm specializing fully-remote real estate purchases in the U.S. luxury market, announced the hiring of finance and investment industry specialist Claire Boyte-White to serve as Executive Vice President. Boyte-White is known for her expertise in personal and corporate finance, investing, retirement planning, and tax policy. Her writing portfolio includes contributions to Investopedia, SmartAsset, MSN, CNBC, and Dividend. Boyte-White is also a co-author of I Am Net Worthy, a comprehensive guide to financial independence for millennials.

“Claire Boyte-White brings a wealth of knowledge and investment savvy to our leadership team,” says Afield Founder & President Mari Pearce. “Her expertise in the field of finance, business, and asset management provides an added layer of depth to the range of services Afield provides, allowing our clientele of discerning luxury-market buyers to purchase with confidence.” 

“I’m excited to join Mari Pearce in accomplishing her mission, through a carefully-cultivated worldwide network, to facilitate exclusive access to the most outstanding estate properties available in America’s real estate market,” says Boyte-White. “Economic volatility in the U.S. has given rise to some extraordinary buying opportunities in the luxury lifestyle marketplace. At Afield, we have the ability to streamline the acquisition process for overseas buyers who are eager to take advantage of these exceptional values.”

With skilled staff based in both Qatar and the U.S., Afield successfully meets the needs of an elite global client base.  For more information, visit

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