Pheasant Ridge Apartments (17800 E. Colima Rd) “Bait and Switch” and “Worst Place to Live” Exposed By Resident

United States, California, Rowland Heights – 05-12-2020 ( — “I am a resident at Pheasant Ridge Apartments, located at 17800 E Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA. At first this was a bait and switch because I was informed there would be two remotes given, one for myself and one for my girlfriend. However, upon signing the lease, Felicia Williams informed me that the girlfriend needs to be on the lease too.” – Stated frustrated resident for the bait and switch.

In May, Pheasant Ridge Apartments hired a tree cutting service to begin cutting the trees. This is understable. The heavy machinery continues for a week before the resident complained and inquired how much longer this will continue. He was told that this would last for a full month. This is not understandable. “You’re telling me that cutting down the trees takes a full month? What kind of understaffed and probably underpaid workers did they hire for this job?”, continued the resident.

“Even worse, this ‘gated community’ does not have a person in the entrance booth to verify people coming in and out. This is for optics only, to give the misleading illusion that somebody will check the people coming in and out. Literally anybody can come in and out by following a car. I see people waiting at the driveway every single day for an actual resident to come in and out. This is not safe. They charge a premium for the percieved safety of this community, and that is only for optics.”, continued.

It was reported there were at least four instances where people dug through the dumpster at night between 12 midnight and 3AM.  

The resident has a 3 month lease and requested to break the lease so he can relocate because the noise will continue for another month, and requested if they would do anything to make accomodations, and Karissa, the resident manager, rudely and bluntly denied both requests. Legally, this is in their right. However, any prospective tenants also have the right to hear this honest criticism from a resident and the warning from this resident to “stay far away from this place because you will regret it”. This place is “bait and switch” and it has been the “worst place to live”. 

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