8 Best Press Release Distribution Services You Can Trust

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – 05-27-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Advertising and business marketing has changed a lot since the internet revolution took place. However, the news is still relevant, and every day millions of people go online to search for the products or services they are looking for.

Press releases are the official news coming directly from the business itself that is the basis of its authenticity. However, the press release doesn’t get to the audience automatically. Businesses need to work hard to create a piece of news that is interesting and useful for the target community, as well as, newsworthy for journalists to write about it.

Whether you are working on a new startup, a new product, music album, or cryptocurrency, getting mentioned by journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers can help you get the recognition you are trying to achieve for your business.

I have researched over 8 best press release distribution services and recommend them based on relevancy, authenticity, customer service, outreach, and the cost.

1.       PR Distribution



PR Distribution TM is one of the leading press release distribution services in the USA. They have been helping small to mid-level businesses for almost two decades now. They allow you to publish your press release on premium news outlets including ABC, CBS, and Fox at an affordable price. Their service is great for startups or businesses, who are looking for affordable yet high-quality press release distribution service. You can get your press release published as low as $49 with a PR plan and $99 without a plan. Once you are happy with the results you can opt-in for the higher-tier of the service that offers long-lasting internet visibility and SEO ranking.

PR Distribution TM is the first PR Distribution agency to introduce the white label PR distribution. They offer excellent customer service support which is available to answer your question 24×7. 

2.       PR Newswire



PR Newswire offers a wide range of services to marketing and PR professionals. They have a wide database of important contacts that classify the news outlets and journalists by the niche, demography, etc. If you are fully aware of the customer persona or the demography you want to target, you can easily reach out to the target community through this service.

With their service, you are at least sure that you are targeting the right customer base, rather than getting in front of a mixed group of people who might not be interested in your business.

3.       PR Web



PR Web’s distribution plans are specifically curated for small businesses and range from $99 to $389 depending on the range of services. Basic and standard plans offer permanent placement on PR feeds, and industry-specific social media audiences. They enable you to access the right audience. You can also attach multimedia assets like images or videos to your release.

For better editorial services such as proofreading and feedback, you can choose the higher-tier of the service. They don’t offer writing service or multimedia attachment in the basic plan. 

4.       eReleases



eReleases is one of the high-quality press release distribution services working with small businesses. They offer affordable distribution plans for the companies on a tight budget and still want to reach their target community. However, for the writing service, you need to pay a little extra. eReleases press release distribution plans start from $299.

With all plans your release gets access to 5,000 media contacts, and exposure of a minimum of 60 sites. However, they don’t offer feedback or proofreading service unless you pay them extra. They also limit their press release to 400 to 600 words.

5.       Send2Press



Send2Press was launched back in 1997 as a full-service press release distribution and writing services with surprisingly low-cost plans. They even offer free proofreading or feedback services for their customer base.

Once you share the news with their editorial staff, they come up with multiple drafts to choose from. They send the press release to a large number of news outlets at an affordable price and doesn’t require you to pay the membership fees before you can use their service.

Send2Press also emphasizes social media platforms, making sure to include related hashtags, to increase search engine visibility. The drawback of this service includes the allowed word count that is limited to 500-800 words.

6.       24-7 Press Release



If you are just starting out or own a small business, you might consider a 24-7 press release. They offer the distribution of press releases at a low price for new business. They have a huge media contact database that includes almost 30,000 members from the top news outlets, journals, and magazines, etc.

Your press release is guaranteed to be published to nearly 50 media outlets for $69. You can extend the press release distribution to up to 4500+ websites with their premium package that is designed for enterprise-level companies. They also offer language translation and geo-targeting services if you need international coverage for your press release.

7.       PR Underground



PR Underground offers one of the most affordable press release distribution services to businesses. It distributes releases to nearly 80 news outlets, including NBC, FOX, CBS, etc. their services include release writing, distribution, keyword optimization, etc.

The basic plan starts from $49.99, and it is a one-time payment. However, the basic plan only includes a publication on DigitalJouranal.com and social media distribution. That means you need to pay an additional fee for other services.

8.       Easy Newswire



Easy Newswire is a well-known company in the PR industry. They have established a wonderful relationship with news outlets and journalists in general. It can help clients to boost their online visibility by distributing their press releases to renowned industrial journalists and print media.

Easy Newswire offers free registration on their website that allows you to share your content to the target community powered by geo-targeting. The interface is user-friendly and has an affordable pricing model, but their services aren’t easy to comprehend for newbies, and only the premium members can track the press release progress.

About PR Distribution Inc. 

PR Distribution TM is a press release distribution agency that allows people to leverage budget-friendly distribution packages, editorial services, and free inclusion of multimedia in a press release, complete analytics, and unlimited word count. No other PR agency offers many services at such a price. Even with their cheapest plan you are a winner. Their goal is to help small businesses and to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to become successful, whether it is an established business or just getting started. 

For more information on PR Distribution™, please see their website at https://www.prdistribution.com

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