35+ Proven Leaders, Innovators, Change Makers & Mentors Share Their Strategies for Post-Covid Business Survival & Success…

United States, Alabama, Huntsville – 06-04-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — May 2020 Virtual Stimulus Summit

Location – From May 7, 2020 to May 15, 2020, a live virtual Stimulus Summit was held for entrepreneurs at all levels. The event was sponsored by CarbonClick, a company that enables corporations, businesses, and their clients to utilize cost-effective, simple, and trustworthy carbon offsets to help deter climate change.The business world is about to change. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone around the globe. Daily life has changed with non-essential personnel confined to their homes and many businesses closed. It’s a scary time, especially for entrepreneurs wondering how their business will survive this crisis. To help business owners and entrepreneurs continue to improve their businesses during this time, the Summit was designed so that attendees could participate from home. It’s important that all of us be prepared for the post-Covid-19 world and this Summit was geared to help business owners plan to navigate for that eventuality.The Stimulus Summit event arranged for a group of experts in various business areas from around the world to discuss navigating the necessary upcoming changes. These included health professionals, wealth consultants, change agents, accountants, politicians, influencers, coaches, and executives. We were delighted to feature several dynamic and esteemed speakers such as Les Brown and Sharon Lechter. Sharon Lechter is an accountant, author, speaker, mentor, and businesswoman. She co-authored the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series and was the Rich Dad Company CEO for ten years. She is the founder and CEO of the financial education organization, Pay Your Family First. In addition, with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, she co-authored the publication, Three Feet from Gold. She has stated that “Optimism, positivity, and faith create the foundation from which success can be built.” That quote is especially relevant for the world as it is today.Les Brown brought his dynamic personality and positive energy to the summit. He is a top-rated motivational speaker, an author, former television host and former radio DJ. From 1976 to 1981, he was a member of the Ohio House of Representatives. His catch phrase, “It’s possible!” encourages us to follow our dreams and reminds people that it is possible to accomplish any dream they have.In addition to sharing how to navigate the changes to come, we came together to share tried and true methods to reset just about any business plan for the future, identify upcoming opportunities, and provide essential tools needed to see great success in what will surely be a new economy. The goal is to see all businesses survive and grow. Attendees also received thousands of dollars in bonuses! These included: -90 Day Success Plan: Finally Discover How to Plan and Implement to Get Results-The Ultimate New Resolutions Workbook: Set Goals & Crush Them Once & For All-YouTube Ninja Secrets to Start & Launch Your Successful YouTube Channel-Pinterest Success Steps: Master & Monetize Pinterest For Your Business-How to Create A Course and Master Selling It!-Facebook Marketing Mastery: Exclusive Course-How to Use Instagram To Gain Visibility Course…Plus, So Much More! For more information about upcoming Summits, visit https://www.thestimulussumit.com

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