HYLMAN launches the first-ever intelligent Consulting system of tomorrow that revolutionizes the industry

United States, New York – 06-04-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — What is Consulting Centrale?

HYLMAN, a French smart-tech and blue-ocean strategy-driven company led by two ingenious brothers, has successfully launched its multilingual and multiplatform revolutionary consulting system, Consulting Centrale. This intelligent structure is an all-exclusive private Website, iPhone, and Android system for companies seeking multicultural consultations within fingertips, and qualified consultants who are accepted and enrolled in the network. Access for companies is for as low as 0.02€ per minute, in comparison to the industry standard of 1.35€ per minute. It celebrates itself to being the first-ever “Professional Media”, empowering the full consulting environment with a hint of sociality. 

Any company or professional interested in joining but needing to know the look and feel of the system internally before going through the application or subscription process can try out the demo environment that is identical to the real one for free. 

For the Companies

“A one-time per period cost-effective membership for an unlimited amount of cases to be presented and solved by top-notch consultants worldwide who are reached within fingertips.”

Consulting Centrale manages to break the consulting market prices through a fixed subscription model, delivering a ground-breaking and differentiated value proposition. Companies here have the privilege of posting an unlimited number of cases anywhere and any time during their subscription cycle, monthly or yearly, relevant to their businesses without incurring any additional costs. Multiple projects, one rate. With the value of receiving various recommendations from talented consultants with different backgrounds.

Companies can ensure to get the most efficient and effective solutions given their power of rating. This rating affects the consultants’ scorecard that includes their overall and skillset grading over time, publicly viewed by companies and fellow consultants. It is part of the factors that affect the sophisticated compensation distribution system to consultants. 

How does the system work? It is as simple as revolution accepts.

For the Consultants

“A one-stop-shop for all kinds of qualified professionals from all industries and fields seeking to gain, learn, collaborate, and show their skills by consulting companies from all over the world.”

This system thrives on availing diverse international talents in the fields of management and legal consulting from all sectors to companies worldwide.

The management of the system is very selective upon accepting individuals as consultants. Individuals apply and go through a specific application process. This process is open 365 days/year, allowing individuals to apply at any time. Only qualified, experienced, and multicultural consulting material individuals are enrolled. 

Potential-consultants who are qualified and are interested in joining, but believe they cannot because they are already employed full time, do not worry. This system allows access to all qualified people, employed or unemployed, from all adult-age groups since every consultant becomes an independent consulting entity at Consulting Centrale.

Did we not mention proactive consultants are compensated through a sophisticated compensation distribution system according to their efforts and rating? This system is like a CSR initiative for companies giving back to the community of professionals worldwide who are proactive and determined in sharing knowledge and helping enterprises and fellow consultants.

Shout out to all kinds of qualified professionals out there who:

  • lost their jobs due to COVID-19,
  • cannot find an opportunity to utilize their expertise due to societal or environmental constraints,
  • seek to switch jobs or companies due to bad habits and management,
  • cannot cope with corporate life due to social pressure and difficulty collaborating,
  • want to become an independent consulting entity and work for themselves,
  • are employed and want to double their income stream by utilizing their extra time in the day,
  • want to meet and collaborate with talents from all walks of life, earn and learn from companies and fellow consultants,
  • want to have a chance at showing their skills while earning in a rich case-examination environment to companies for potential hiring,
  • want to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device,
  • want to be a part of the revolution, or
  • believe they can achieve more from their professional life.

Consulting Centrale Editorial

Consulting Centrale also advocates for educating people all around the world. It has created a news editorial that speaks about all kinds of essential issues that are rising or affecting our way of progressing in today and tomorrow’s life, from business, education, justice, world, health, technology, politics, and more. Accessing it is entirely free to everyone.

Have more questions? Consulting Centrale answers it all. 

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