Brooke HK, The Bougie Survivalist Podcast Host, Launches New Store


“Excited is an understatement!” 

Brooke HK, the host of the Spotify podcast ‘The Bougie Survivalist’ announced she has launched her new online store.  “Excited is an understatement”, she exclaimed. After receiving her Crystal Reiki Certification, her store features items like Reiki-charged crystals points, spheres and even crystal infused candles. Crystals are known in the spiritual and scientific community to offer metaphysical properties that some believe can assist and help with self-healing, manifesting and even attracting wealth.

Launching her Podcast during the Coronavirus quarantine back in March 2020, it quickly gained a following overnight.  “I talk about political and social issues because I cannot sit back and watch human suffering any longer.”  Brooke has always had a passion for social issue awareness and conscious-based ideology discussions.  “Adding a store to help people with manifesting and healing only made sense.  Crystals are skyrocketing in popularity again!” 

With a growing number of subscribers to her podcast, Brooke has already seen how the popularity of crystals used as a healing tool is coming back into American culture.  Once popular in the 1970’s, movies like ‘Uncut Gems’ (Netflix) has brought them back on to the radar.  Crystals also are aesthetically pleasing and add great Feng shui into your home.  Citrine is one of the most popular gems that are selling quickly on her website. “Within 30 minutes of launching, I had several sales. I am thankful and appreciative to everyone who supports me.”

To learn more about Brooke HK, follow her Instagram and podcast: @TheBougieSurvivalist.  To purchase from her shop, visit

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