We Are Living Through the Biggest Event In Human History Right Now… and It Isn’t Coronavirus

United States, New York, New York – 07-09-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Are you aware that what is currently happening in the markets is occurring as a result of the biggest financial terrorist attack in human history Since this year has begun, we have been subject to mass manipulation disguised as public health and safety concerns, yet behind the scenes, the puppet masters are hard at work. Between the nationwide economic shutdowns, soaring unemployment rates, radical calls for defunding state government sectors, and all of the pure, utter chaos, it is clear we are being cornered.

It is time for us to wake up and see the bigger picture.The extent to which the elite can control public opinion through their CIA propaganda media television never ceases to amaze me. They hype up situations like the Coronavirus by distorting the numbers and carefully choosing their words to play off of your fears. For instance, you always hear media reports on the number of Covid-19 related deaths, but you rarely hear anything on the number of recoveries which is actually 10 times greater than the number of deaths. This is because if they portray the virus as deadly versus something you can catch and get over, they are able to lock in on your emotions and have greater control over you.Thus far, their control has extended to locking you down, taking away your ability to make money, and forcing you to become reliant on the government for survival. Not to mention, their future plans of trying to inject you with tracking devices and clock your every move. This is by far scarier than any virus. There are people in this world looking to control your mind, your body, and your wallet.  They are ultimately using propaganda to blindly limit your ability to be self-sufficient and entrap you in the realms of ignorance and limited wealth.  I’ve said it once and I will say it again, wealth and knowledge are key to freedom. If someone controls your money and limits your access to real facts, they will control your whole livelihood.You don’t want to sit around and let them continue to take power away from you.Just because the financial elites are crashing their long-overdue debt-ridden system into the ground doesn’t mean you have to go down with the ship too. Remember, you are a financial warrior! You have the power to achieve true financial freedom and I am here to help you unleash it.Join me and learn how to create the biggest wealth creation platform ever byclicking below https://zshark.freedomforall.io/webinar-broadcast-room-382104811587558506732  Alternatively, you can register directly for my full course by clicking belowhttps://zshark.freedomforall.io/salespage

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