Full Scale Security Services Is Providing Security for Media Teams Remotely Covering the U.S. Elections 2020

– 10-26-2020 (PRDistribution.com) —

Full Scale Security Services is offering discounts to media outlets who are reporting about the U.S. Elections 2020 remotely.


Full Scale Security Services (https://fullscalesecurityservices.com) has announced that South Florida media outlets covering this year’s U.S. election from remote locations will receive discounted rates for on-site protection. Full Scale Security Services understands that our right to vote is sacred and that the media’s responsibility to provide live updates of the election process should be protected. By offering these special rates until November 4, 2020, media outlets enjoy peace of mind knowing that they can access affordable event security services and guards to keep their reporters and camera crews safe.

The press plays an indispensable role in the election of the U.S. president and the proper functioning of our democracy. Media outlets are counted on to educate voters on how to exercise their democratic rights, provide live reports of the election process, monitor vote counting, report the results, and much more. A lot of this will be done remotely and large crowds are expected at the polls. When it comes to a national event like this, managing crowds requires skills and experience. It is increasingly important to hire guards and on-site monitoring teams who can provide the necessary protection of reporters and crew and ensure everyone is safe and secure.

Full Scale Security Services has armed security and event security teams that are comprised of highly skilled, former law enforcement and military personnel. With assets such as highly visible patrol vehicles, the security company can provide proper crowd control, prevent security breaches, and deal with emergency situations (e.g., sudden accidents, bomb blasts, fire, etc.). Professional guards at Full Scale Security Services are trained to offer total protection, maintain order and discipline at event venues, and keep their clients safe. 

About Full Scale Security Services

Full Scale Security Services’ main areas of expertise include armed security, event security, on-property security, as well as overnight roving for homes and businesses. Unlike other security companies, Full Scale Security Services only hires former military and law enforcement personnel. This way, the company guarantees the highest level of training and skills to protect their clients and their properties. Since its inception, Full Scale Security Services has been helping secure neighborhoods, businesses, and events so that individuals can work and rest at ease. 

For more information about Full Scale Security Services, you can contact them by calling 954-815-8996 or booking an appointment via their calendar online.

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