SNOWYKOI Releases Sustainable Silicone Line of Fidget Toys, Electronic Accessories, Kitchenware & Homeware

CALGARY, ALBERTA – 12-24-2020 ( — SNOWYKOI, a homeware and lifestyle company specializing in sustainable products, announced today the new release of their latest Sustainable Silicone Line of silicone toys, kitchenware, and homeware; featuring the PUSH POP Fidget Toy. The new PUSH POP Fidget Toy collection is available in four distinctive shapes and made with Food Grade BPA-free Silicone delivering a safe experience for parents and their children.

To date, nearly 70% of consumers in the U.S. and Canada think it is essential to shop more sustainably or eco-friendly, according to a new study by IBM and the National Retail Federation. The new Sustainable Silicone Line provides sustainable and safe products made from high-quality silicone rather than plastic, allowing families to invest in affordable sustainability—from kitchen baking needs to children’s play dates or food storage on-the-go. The Sustainable Silicone Line featuring the PUSH POP Fidget Toy is the company’s newest innovation that will allow people to conveniently take steps toward achieving their goals towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

After years of research, development, and testing, SNOWYKOI is currently rolling out their Sustainable Silicone Line nationwide this month and can also be ordered online at

“It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce the release of SNOWYKOI’s Sustainable Silicone Line,” said Gordon Chow, CEO, and founder of SNOWYKOI. “When you don’t have time to spare but want to take a step towards a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle for your family, these ready-to-use sustainable fidget toys, kitchenware, and homewares offer peace of mind.”

This announcement comes on the heels of a record sales year led by LED EAGLE, the SNOWYKOI parent company.


SNOWYKOI is a homeware and lifestyle company specializing in sustainable products based in Calgary, AB. SNOWYKOI strives to provide the world with groundbreaking, science-based information and products to help people live more sustainably, enhance their health, and live longer. Facebook: Instagram: @snowykoishop

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