CBD Move Free Pain Relief Balm Showcased in Psychological Thriller ‘DAFT STATE’

Bellevue, Washington, United States – 01-31-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan 31, 2022 – Washington-based CBD topical company, CBD Move Free https://cbdmovefree.com jumps from national retail exposure to the silver screen.  From gas stations to large box store retailers, CBD is on the move and CBD Move Free is helping lead the charge.  “CBD Move Free creates topical products that support the relief of sore muscles and achy joints,” states Jonas Roeser, Co-Founder and CEO. Roeser continues, “We are so excited for 2022, we have a number of new products launching, along with our national chiropractic outreach campaign, but having Move 1000 showcased in Daft State is definitely a highlight for our brand.”


CBD Move Free’s 1000 mg pain relief balm is showcased in DAFT STATE, a feature film that completed principal photography in Omaha fall of 2021. Christopher Backus (HBO’s “Big Little Lies”, Netflix’s “Mindhunter”, Apple TV+’s “Truth be Told”) and Skye P. Marshall (Netflix’s “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, NBC’s “This is Us”), star in Chad Bishoff’s highly anticipated psychological-thriller.  Molded in the vein of classic Hitchcockian suspense masterworks, DAFT STATE charts the mysterious psychological destruction of central character Easton (Backus), who is driven to the edge of sanity, and possible self-harm, by those that love him most. However, there is one scene where Backus does relax and this is when massage therapist, played by actress and fitness guru Iman Karram, places Move 1000 on Backus’ back.  “It was great to see Christopher’s character transcend into a temporary pain relief state utilizing our product,” says Roeser. “I’m so grateful our product played a key element in a scene and was used in a way that creatively helped move the story forward rather than simply shown on a table next to other products.” The Syncretic Entertainment production is produced by Erich Hover and frequent collaborator Bishoff.


CBD products have been embraced by all walks of society, from the average American to Hollywood celebrities and now CBD will embrace the silver screen.  CBD Move Free develops unique CBD relief products that help you and your family move, enjoy, and achieve more. Each product is designed to maximize everyday life activities by reducing joint and muscle discomfort to support a faster and better recovery. Products are crafted from a blend of organic ingredients that are infused with full-spectrum CBD to provide targeted relief to tender and sore areas. Using their products is simple, just apply to the sore areas to relieve tension, reduce soreness, and promote relaxation.


About CBD Move Free:


CBD Move Free (https://cbdmovefree.com) was developed to create unique hemp/CBD products. Each product is designed to maximize life activities by reducing pain and eliminating bacteria.  Each product is a blend of natural ingredients infused with hemp/CBD to provide targeted relief. CBD Move Free is the dba of JPS Products, Inc. JPS Products, Inc. also operates the brands Hemp Move Free, JPS Move Free as well as supports The Heartillery Group https://heartillerygroup.org  (HG). HG supports our active military and veterans by partnering with various organizations and communities nationwide to show appreciation for their service.  HG send cards, letters, and care packages to boost morale and ensure our troops know they are loved. 



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