Dolphin Defenders: Algorand Start-up HEADLINE INC Makes a Splash With a New CSR Initiative

Austin, Texas, United States – 01-28-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

(January 2022) –  Texas-based Algorand startup and media company HEADLINE INC has taken another step in distinguishing themselves by identifying their cause-based focus – supporting the international marine conservation group WDC. HEADLINE INC will be supporting Whale & Dolphin Conservation (WDC) by donating a portion of all sales from HEADLINE Crypto’s NFT collections.

The choice to sponsor WDC stemmed from HEADLINE founder Aaron Martinez’s long-standing fascination with dolphins and marine wildlife and a unique brand alignment. “After extensive research, we saw that WDC paralleled HEADLINE INC’s values.” Says Martinez, “All of WDC’s conservation work is underpinned by the fact that whales & dolphins are integral contributors to our ecosystem – our planet. We see HEADLINE and the tools we offer just as integral to the blockchain space. We’re strategically building the HEADLINE brands and tools while considering the environmental impacts of our choices.” 

HEADLINE INC is built on Algorand, one of the only carbon-neutral blockchain protocols in the world. “Contributing to Algorand’s commitment to becoming carbon-negative through our own climate and conservation initiatives has been part of our mission since the beginning,” said Brian Scherlen, Enterprise Development Strategist. “Choosing the WDC in pursuit of these initiatives was an easy decision.”

According to a recent report released by DeLoitte, “natural climate solutions receive less than 3% of all climate finance, with the ocean receiving less than 1%.” According to Martinez, “This is an opportunity for us to showcase the importance of marine conservation while supporting a global organization that has a global impact.”

Melissa Walker, Deputy Director for North America, agrees that this new partnership is important. “We’re thrilled to add HEADLINE INC as a Climate Giant hero and to be part of the growing NFT world. In addition to the financial support, we now have an opportunity to educate a new audience about the importance of marine conservation and its positive effect on climate change. I see HEADLINE and future crypto partners playing a huge part in our Climate Giants initiative, and I hope we can continue to contribute to discussions about sustainability in blockchain.”

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