PraSaga™ Joins the Reverse Logistics Association for their 18th Annual Event in Las Vegas

Dammstrasse 16, 6300 Zug, Switzerland – 02-07-2022 –

Zug, Switzerland, January 7, 2022, PraSaga is honored to announce they have joined the Reverse Logistics Association (RLA) as a Silver Member. PraSaga will attend the 18th Annual RLA Conference happening in Las Vegas, February 7th – 9th. Each year the RLA event is the premier worldwide conference where Third-Party Solution Partners are able to connect with Manufacturers and Retailers in an effort to help them become aware of Reverse Logistics support on a global basis.  


“We are proud to have Prasaga as our newest Silver member of the Reverse Logistics Association (RLA), joining over 200 member companies with a community of users numbering over 20,000,” said Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director of the RLA. 


RLA’s event includes speakers from top corporations such as Best Buy, The Home Depot, Walmart, Dell Technologies, and many others. As a Foundation, PraSaga is focused on providing our layer one blockchain technology to the entire world including providing improvements to industries within the global supply chain using SagaChain.  


“As a new member of the Reverse Logistics Association, we are looking forward to attending the RLA event and engaging with the community,” stated Nicole Colwell, Executive VP of the PraSaga Partner & Channel Ecosystem. “With PraSaga’s efforts to improve the global supply chain, we see reverse logistics as an area that can experience a significant positive impact with our technology.”  


This news follows PraSaga’s recent announcement of their participation in the upcoming 9th Annual Agora Global Blockchain Congress event in Dubai in February. 


About the Reverse Logistics Association 

RLA is the authoritative body for best practices related to reverse logistics. RLA is a member-driven, global trade association for the returns and reverse industry. The RLA offers information, research, solutions, and facilitates networking introductions for manufacturers, retail companies, and third-party providers. Their goal is to educate and inform reverse logistics professionals globally and be the voice of the reverse industry. Visit for more information on the association. 


About PraSaga 

PraSaga is building the next generation of Layer One blockchain. PraSaga’s technology solution solves many of the limitations that plague first-generation Layer One blockchains. The SagaChain successfully addresses lowering transaction fees, extensibility for supply chains, and significantly lowers development costs. PraSaga is a Swiss Foundation with American offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


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