DApp Building Platform “Bunzz” Seamlessly Integrates with Polkadot’s DApp Hub “Astar Network” to Make Developing and Deploying Web3 Services Scary Easy!

Tokyo, Japan – 03-03-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Web3 startup LasTrust has updated its DApp (Blockchain-based Decentralized Application) development support platform, Bunzz, to support Polkadot’s DApp Hub, Astar Network and Shiden.



DApp development platform “Bunzz” and Astar Network work seamlessly together

Bunzz ( https://bunzz.dev ) now supports the public blockchains Astar Network, Shiden, and Shibuya.

This allows Bunzz developers to easily build smart contracts for DApp development and deploy them to Astar networks in a one-stop, no-code process.

(It also supports other major EVM compatible chains such as Polygon, Avalanche, BSC, etc.)




What is Bunzz?

Bunzz is a “browser-integrated development platform” that allows you to easily use the smart contracts that build DApps as modules.

Bunzz provides an environment where you can use the main functions required for DApps, as well as smart contracts that have been compiled and security audited in advance. In addition to development, deployment to the blockchain can be done from Bunzz, making it highly convenient for developers of Web3 services.

Bunzz simplifies the development of smart contracts that require advanced knowledge, allowing developers to focus more on value-added work.



Advantages of using Bunzz

1) The use of standardized smart contract modules prevents the reinvention of the wheel and significantly reduces the time and man-hours from idea conception to launch (e.g., ERC20 generation, NFT Mint, and marketplace building can be developed with just a click).

2) Smart contracts are audited on the Bunzz side. No need to worry about security.

3) DApp can be built with zero technical understanding of solidity or blockchain, so even beginners can launch Web3-related services.

4) Deployable on major EVM-compatible chains (Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, BSC, Astar, etc.) as well as Ethereum (including Testnet)

5) Multiple smart contract modules can be linked together to build a multifunctional DApp (e.g., NFT Mint module and Marketplace module can be combined to develop a Mint-enabled NFT marketplace)

6) Linkage with existing external smart contracts (enabling a composable DApp development environment, to be implemented from 2022 Q3)

7) Smart contract developers can publish contract modules from the Bunzz repository function and monetize them (to be implemented from 2022 Q2)


-To use Bunzz, click here.



Why does Bunzz support Astar Network?

Bunzz, as a development platform, is planning to add features to maximize the incentive for developers to build DApps. This collaboration with Astar Network is part of the milestones to achieve our vision.

The chain has implemented “dApp staking”, which means that users who deploy DApps on Astar will be paid token rewards. In other words, Bunzz will provide technical support for DApp development, while Astar Network will act as a revenue support after the service launch, with the intention of providing a high value-added development environment for developers.

(Before using Bunzz, you need to add Astar network to your Metamask. (Before using Bunzz, you need to add Astar’s network to your Metamask, please refer to Astar’s official document. https://docs.astar.network/tutorial/develop-and-deploy-your-first-smart-contract-on-aster-shiden-evm/configure-metamask)


Examples of DApps developed with Bunzz

About a month after the launch, about 230 smart contract modules have been deployed from Bunzz. Here are some DApps from among them.

NFTMKR.xyz“, a web service that automatically retrieves twitter profile images and converts them into NFT, uses Bunzz’s module as the smart contract that handles the Mint function of NFT.

The front-end is built with a no-code tool called “Bildr”, which is an example of a DApp deployed with almost no code.



Introduction of Bunzz modules (some excerpts)

1) Combination of NFT generation module + NFT marketplace function module (Compatible with ERC721 and ERC1155. (Original contract)

2) NFT generation module that can be minted into IPFS (compatible with ERC721 and ERC1155. (Original contract)

3) ERC20 generation module

4) Combination of ERC20 generation module and ICO module

5) Vesting function module (function to lock tokens for a certain period of time) [to be implemented in 2022 Q2].

6) Staking function module (function to distribute interest according to the amount of tokens deposited) [to be implemented in 2022 Q2].

7) Vaulting function module (a function that locks tokens for a certain period of time and distributes interest based on the amount of tokens) [To be implemented in 2022 Q2].


Bunzz will continue to improve and expand its products in order to solve the “negative” aspects of DApp development and create a smart contract ecosystem.


-Please join the Bunzz DApp development community (discord).



-Bunzz twitter account provides information about DApp development.


Media Contacts:

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Full Name: Kenta Akutsu
Phone: 050-1743-6844
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Website: https://bunzz.dev

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