Cordell Haywood: An Entrepreneur with Integrity in the Age of Digital Marketing

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States – 03-29-2022 –

It took Cordell Haywood years to find a sense of direction in his work life. He switched jobs various times as a young adult, working as an executive chef to help keep America fed and later working as a truck driver to keep America’s inventory moving. During just about every job that Cordell took, he was required to work more than 60 hours per week. He was constantly trading valuable time for the money he needed to go to school. Nonetheless, like millions of other Americans, he found himself getting into debt, with little time, money, or freedom to escape it.

So, after years of working hard, grinding, and learning from both his successes and failures, Cordell Haywood found his true calling. More importantly, he found a way to reach real prosperity,freedom, and happiness as an expert digital marketer. Cordell was inspired to dive into digital marketing for a variety of reasons, but he was always drawn back to the well-known quote from Tony Robbins: “success is doing what you want when you want with whom you want as much as you want.”

Today, Cordell Haywood serves each and every client with respect, integrity, honor, professionalism, and honesty. Clients turn to Cordell because he sees them as more than just a number or a way to make a buck. Instead, he aims to form a professional friendship and collaboration in which he can offer the best marketing strategies and solutions, providing real, quantifiable results in real-time. Some of Cordell’s main strengths and areas of focus include Social Media Growth, Verification, Press, SEO, Social Media Management, Lead Generation and Podcast  — just to name a few.

Whether clients are looking for a brand redesign, better leads, improved search engine results, or just about anything related to enhanced branding and marketing, Cordell Haywood has them covered. More than anything else, he wants to help move clients out of the darkness and into the light. It could be as simple as a marketing campaign to promote a new upcoming book or an article in a respected publication to increase brand awareness. No matter what their exact needs, Cordell always works hard to ensure that his clients can experience an exponential rise to the top of the pack in their industry or sector.

When partnering with Cordell Haywood, business owners don’t have to worry about declining sales or potentially going out of business, either. It is his pledge to help clients grow their businesses and create lasting partnerships that will be mutually beneficial. According to Cordell Haywood , he always says the same thing to clients and business owners who are struggling to stand out from the crowd: “It’s time for a change; let’s talk and go to the top together.”

Remember this always your business doesn’t get better by chance but gets better by change. 

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