Alex Melen Spoke At Ecommerce Festival

United States, New Jersey, Paramus – 03-31-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Alex Melen, Co-Founder of SmartSites, spoke at Ecommerce Festival in 2022.

Alex Melen recently spoke at an Ecommerce Festival and shared best practices that he learned over the past 11 years with SmartSites. He and his brother, Michael Melen (CO-CEO & COO of SmartSites), built an ecommerce SEO agency brand that serves over 1,000 active SEO customers today.

The session, Mastering SEO For Ecommerce, took place on February 25th, 2022. SEO helps ecommerce websites rank higher in search engine results pages by increasing organic search traffic. Alex dove deep into Google’s ranking signals so that audience members could better understand factors that drive rankings on both Google Maps (Local Pack) and Google Localized Organic Results. 

“Billions of searches occur on Google daily, and 15 percent of these searches are unique. People think of and execute searches in different ways. Therefore, ecommerce SEO strategies need to be fluid and adaptive to ever-changing consumer behaviors,” said Alex Melen. “For example, people have been increasingly searching for nearest places to visit, trading apps, and how to support local businesses. It is important to optimize one’s online marketing strategies to meet these needs.”

For more information about Mastering SEO For Ecommerce, watch the full video here.

About the Ecommerce Festival

The Ecommerce Festival aims to bring the Nordic ecommerce scene together via a virtual platform. They design and host programs for audiences in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the international scene. In addition, the organizers handpick speakers who are masters of their disciplines. These professionals are invited to share exclusive experiences, knowledge, strategies, and tactics on how to develop, run, and scale webshops. The Ecommerce Festival is sponsored by MXNEY, which funds ecommerce companies. For more information about the event, they can be contacted via email:

About Alex Melen

Alex Melen is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker and co-founder of advertising agency SmartSites. Founded in 2011, SmartSites manages over $100MM/year in advertising spend and has been featured in Inc. 5000 for 5 consecutive years. Today, SmartSites is recognized as one of the fastest growing ecommerce website development agencies with over 200 employees worldwide. Alex is the founder of web hosting company T35 Hosting (founded in 1997) and has been featured in Business Week’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs, Bloomberg, Forbes, NPR and more. SmartSites is based at 45 Eisenhower Drive, Suite 520, Paramus, NJ 07652. To contact SmartSites, call (201) 870-6000 or contact us through the website at

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