Champions Mortgage to keep rates affordable in the face of inflation

Seminole, FL, United States – 04-14-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

The rising cost of the housing market comes as no surprise to anyone, especially potential homeowners who have been scouring the market, only for their dream home to be snatched up by investors.

Supply chain issues have also led to the increase in housing costs with lumber costs and building materials proving more expensive than ever.

In spite of low interest rates, the prices of homes continue to remain high. Average rates for fixed, 30-year mortgages are the highest they have been since May 2019. Affordability is a sore spot for prospective buyers who want to own a house but have little means to keep up with major investors and real estate companies.

In the face of this challenge, Champions Mortgage looks to keep their rates as affordable as possible. They maintain their overarching objective: to help families find their dream home.

To do so, Champions Mortgage continues to maintain great relationships with a multitude of mortgage lenders. Their services work to provide customers with a variety of suitable options at great rates.

To access their pre-approval forms, visit their website here.

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