Anticipated Coin Launch of 2022: Arabian Shibnobi visualizes being the Top Arabian Coin in Binance Smart Chain, Presale in Unicrypt on April 30, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States – 04-26-2022 –

 Arabian Shibnobi, also known as $ArabianShinja, is a meme community-driven token platform that gives crypto investors the capability to have financial freedom while being in a community of knowledgeable and wealthy crypto Arabian Shinja investors. With its goal of creating one of the best investment ecosystems for the next generation, it intends to make crypto incredibly simple and secure for anyone interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. Its objective is to make the crypto world safer, more transparent, and more educational for everyday investors and vetted enterprises.

        Since it is new in the market, it features a low buy and sell tax (4/8). Its buy tax is 4% in which 1% tax on price appreciation is remitted to the liquidity pool. A 3% tax is applied to the Arabian Shibnobi ecosystem in order to promote and expand it. On the other hand, the sell tax of this token is 8% (2% for liquidity and 6% for marketing and development). 

       The official website of Arabian Shibnobi was launched on April 24, 2022. This token is expected to have over a thousand holders, 2000+ Telegram Members, CoinGecko Listing, and CoinMarketCap Listing. 

       Due to its aggressive marketing, it stands a chance beside its community competitors, Shilling and PFP. With this,  $ArabianShinja is expected to pre-sale on Unicrypt by April 30, 2022, at 4 PM UTC. 

       $ArabianShinja includes various utilities which include DEX swap, a portfolio tracker dashboard, and multi charts. In line with this, it utilizes a honeypot detector to determine if a token is to be considered a honeypot. It includes a lot of extra checks to reduce the number of false results, including a time jump between the buy and sell transaction.

       All things considered, this token is an excellent investment for individuals who believe Arabian Shibnobi will produce the desired results by any means necessary.

      Furthermore, meme-tokens and the metaverse have exhibited promising results and are well-positioned to benefit from the next bull market. According to reports, the next bull run in crypto could be dominated by metaverse and meme-tokens.

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