Valet Vault Sets New Benchmark in Being an Expert Provider for Key Storage Security

Atlanta, Georgia, United States – 08-17-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Valet Vault designs a Safer, Smarter, Stronger key storage solution for the parking industry.

Valet Vault with its wide range of valet parking security solutions offers a world of advantages. The company has been helping many parking companies and businesses to reduce and altogether eliminate the plague of car thefts and robberies often due to the inadequate key podiums that were, and still are, standard equipment at most valet parking lots.

The line of Valet Vaults were designed from the ground up to be the most secure key storage solutions imaginable. Among the long list of impressive standard features is the industry-first KeyMaxx, a patented key carousel that maximizes key storage within the valet podiums. A patented self-closing and locking door that cannot be accidentally left open. All Valet Vaults are built from rust-proof reinforced aluminum with an industrial Grade 1 Yale® access control lock. Interior LED lighting, interior locked tip box, and a padded interior key drop are only a few of the re-designed details setting the Valet Vault apart from its competition.

After building and testing several versions of the Valet Vault, four final versions were developed; the flagship models, the Defender 50 and Defender 40; two smaller models, the Sentinel 50 and Sentinel 40; and the wall-mounted model, the Guardian. All of the Valet Vault series have innovative, patented technologies, and they are continually looking for ways to improve the security of Valet Vaults.

About Valet Vault

Since the time of its inception in 2019, VALET VAULT reports it is dedicated to improving security by providing the safest, smartest, and strongest key storage and security solutions in the parking industry. The company takes considerable interest in serving client requests and ensures that every customer query is addressed effectively.

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