Dr. Nazanin Baradaran Launches New Website for Medical and Cosmetic Medicine Practice in North Vancouver, BC, Canada

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – 09-01-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Board-certified Dr. Nazanin Baradaran is proud to release her informative new website for her cosmetic medicine practice in North Vancouver, BC.

North Vancouver, BC, August 2022 — Board-certified family and cosmetic medicine physician Dr. Nazanin Baradaran offers her uniquely personalized and holistic view of beauty to create beautiful results for all her patients. Her philosophy of retaining and enhancing individual beauty is at the heart of her cosmetic medicine practice and shows through her beautiful new website. 

You can view Art of Lines MD’s new site at https://www.artoflinesmd.ca.

Baradaran anticipates her new site will serve as a comprehensive resource for patients as they consider non-surgical aesthetic services at Art of Lines MD. With the recent launch of the website, the North Vancouver region now has a convenient source of relevant and reliable information to describe cosmetic treatments to make the most knowledgeable aesthetic decisions.

Visitors to the new website can view a gallery of before-and-after photos, informative pages about her top procedures and learn more about Baradaran’s background and qualifications

About Dr. Naz and Art of Lines MD

Baradaran is a talented board-certified female medical and cosmetic physician in North Vancouver, British Columbia, who specializes in non-surgical solutions for facial cosmetic enhancement. She takes immense gratification in using her knowledge and abilities to help her patients improve their confidence by enhancing their physical appearance. Cosmetic medicine requires attention to detail and a high skill level to enhance individual beauty and create noticeable results. Guided by that philosophy, Baradaran knows precise, subtle choices can make all the difference.

Her love of medicine comes naturally — her father was a gynecologist and her mother a nurse. She grew up helping her father in his gynecology practice from the age of 6, and she’s proud to follow in his footsteps. Baradaran developed her love of aesthetics and cosmetic medicine naturally, too. Like many young girls, she found beautiful, sophisticated people captivating. This fascination drew her to develop a distinct sense of style and lasting elegance that she delivers to each of her North Vancouver cosmetic medicine patients. 

When she’s not at her flourishing practice, Baradaran enjoys spending time with her young son and taking breaks from the stress of professional and household duties to refresh herself and restore her energy. 

Some of the non-surgical cosmetic and medical specialties at Art of Lines MD include:

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Naz and Art of Lines MD, please visit the new website at artoflinesmd.ca.

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